Sunday, May 25, 2014


It's been months since I last posted, and so much has happened. Fall ended in a blur and whirlwind, with a job interview, a job offer and a major life change/move.

I was offered a job at the other end of Canada - near Victoria, British Columbia. My husband and I have been living in Gatineau/Ottawa for nearly 6 years and it meant giving up the friends I made and also my husband's job. We decided it was time, as Ottawa wasn't really the city for us. 

So at the end of October I had my last day at work, and spent the next month with my family, seeing all my friends in Ottawa and then making my way to BC. I decided to drive the trip, as it would probably be one of the few times in my life I would have the chance to do so. My sister-in-law took the train from Winnipeg to join me in Ottawa and we set out. My husband would finish up his work and the packing and join me in BC just in time for Christmas.

I didn't find any yarn along the way, but there was just so much to see I wasn't really looking for any. Probably the first time in years that's happened! My favourite places along the way were Chicago and California.

As for crafting projects, I brought along a few knitting projects to tide me over until February when we would move out of a temporary place and into an apartment.

Victoria has an amazing yarn shop, Beehive Wool Shop, and my old coworkers were kind enough to get me a gift certificate to the shop, so I also bought a few skeins for projects. 

Framed Slouch in Tanis Fiber Arts Orange Label colourway Mosaic

Armour Road Socks in Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label in colourway Thrills

Westknits Mystery KAL in Tanis Fiber Arts Blue and Purple Labels in colourways Truffle, Spice and Autumn Sun (sorry for the blurry)

Rye in Tanis Fiber Arts Yellow Label colourway Saffron

Ysolde Teague mystery KAL in madelinetosh colourway nebula (I've since frogged this one)

Imagine When in Swans Island colourway Beetroot

Celestarium (still a work in progress) in Cottage Craft Angora Qiviut Queen Yarn colourway McKinley

Glitz at the Ritz in Tanis Fiber Arts Cosmic Label colourway Tartan

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