Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fibrefest 2013

Two fibre festivals in two weeks! What a great thing.

Two weeks ago I attended the Twist Festival (along with taking the dyeing course), and thought it was great! So many different booths, with yarn I had heard of, but never seen before!

From Twist I took home:
3 skeins of Cottage Craft Qiviut Queen, 2 skeins of Riverside Studio Superwash Merino Lace Singles and my sister was nice enough to give me her sample of Yvieknits Sparkly Sock.

Today, I visited the Mississippi Mills Annual Fibrefest, and it blew me away! Everyone was so nice, and we stopped to chat with almost everyone! The festival had everything you could ever want from fibre - art, yarn, roving, fabric, beads, embroidery, buttons and knitted, woven and felted goods! I took home:

1 skein of Turtlpurl Moon Beam, 2 half yards of Rashida Coleman-Hale's Koi Collection in Don't Be Koi and Ebb and Flow, a celluloid button in blue and white which I think looks like coral, 2 packs of 6/0 beads in blue, and 3 vintage brooches.

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withawhy? said...

I'm jealous of your green star fish and will buy it off you if you tire of the little bauble... :). solo excited for our bags!!!!!!!