Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Ever take the time to sort through your stash? I did this past weekend. I have 4 bins of yarn and since one of my goals is to knit what's in my stash I figured I should sort it. Everything was in the bins randomly so I emptied them out, gasped at the amount of yarn was sitting on my floor, and began sorting. Now I have 4 bins sorted as such: 1 bin for sweater, dress, skirt yarn; 1 bin for all my sock yarn; 1 bin for fingering and lace yarn; and 1 bin for the rest (dk, worsted, etc.). My priorities for the year are clearer: knit sweaters and socks!


Anonymous said...

Haha sweaters sound cool, and one piece long underwear!

Krysthle Poitras said...

Hey, I'm planning a Craft day in Gatineau/Hull this June and what to contact you about it, but you do not have contact info :(

I read your post about yarn-bombing and I want to plan a a similar event. Thought you might be interested.

You can reach me at