Monday, August 13, 2012

Farm Basket and Summer Projects

B and I have been getting a farm basket for the summer. So far it's been great. The veggies are healthy looking and abundant. We even got fruit a few times!

We decided to go with La Ferme Rosée in Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, Quebec. The farm is all organic and the pick up is just down the street from us.

Last week's haul was the best yet.

We got: corn, chinese cabbage, eggplant, lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, kohlrabi, tomatoes, green onions, yellow summer squash, carrots, cherry tomatoes, garlic and peas!

On the knitting front, I finished a few projects over the summer including this cute baby sweater. The pattern is Sunnyside by Tanis Lavallée. I like naming my projects based on the colour name and the project name. This yarn didn't have a colour name (just a number) so I've called it camouflage sunnyside. Now all it needs is a baby to wear it. My nephew is too old now. I must befriend a pregnant woman.

Earlier this spring I managed to get my marrakesch socks a pair of socks done. I love the yarn - it's self-striping! My feet are so small, I only used half a ball of the yarn, so I can make a second pair with what's left.

On other craft fronts, I've decided to take up jewellery-making! I'm not sure how successful it will be, but I plan on taking a course at our local bead store to start off. I took some time on the weekend to draft up some designs, and I really enjoyed the creativity which came from it.

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