Saturday, November 12, 2011

2011 Goals: Almost Year-End Update

My goals for 2011 have been coming along slowly. I blogged about my goals for the year back in February. You can read the post here.

1) I have still only knit 1 project from
Tanis Fiber Arts' Year In Colour 2011 Club. There is a KAL in January, so I'm hoping to get one of the projects done. I happily signed up for a second year of Tanis' wonderful yarn, and cannot wait for my last 2011 shipment. It will be a pattern by Kristen Kapur! So exciting.
2) I knit 3 of the 19 projects with the KAL. I began a 4th, but didn't like the pattern, so I frogged it. I did manage to purchase almost all yarn needed to complete knitting my way through the book.
3) I matched up most of my stash so far with patterns. There are still a few I'm not sure about because I don't know how the yarn will knit up. I will have to knit up a test before deciding. I've knit up 2 items from my stash yarn.

1) I still haven't touched my cross-stitch. I'm hoping when my new craft room is set up, I will be able to spend some time on this, but it may be in 2012.

1) I still haven't hemmed those trousers yet, but I did hem a pair of jeans, make curtains for our new place, hemmed others, and made a small bag to carry my knitting notions in. I'm feeling more comfortable behind the sewing machine, and hemming those trousers will be next.

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